Member Secretary’s Message.

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Since I returned from the UK after the completion of my Ph.D program in 1996, I was wondering and looking for a platform where the memorable days in the UK and  as a Commonwealth fellow, the achievements I have had in my career can be shared with other fellows of similar feelings. The historical moment at Hotel  Sarina on February 22, 2014 was a turning point for  the  Commonwealth Alumni  in Bangladesh to  seedling that for the wider horizon of  social connectivity and sharing of professional expertise. I feel honored to be the part of that journey and that I could contribute into the development process of BACSAF. I understand the journey for a wider mission and to bring  the collective efforts of scholars and fellows  through BASCAF initiatives  into the nation building process and to raise voice for global peace, prosperity and harmony is a challenge.  However, BACSAF members of high level intellectual foresight and professionalism can not only play a vital role to  leading the nation for a sustainable  development goal but also to enhance and establish social equability, social justice and cultural value.  BACSAF members with their colourful dreams and multi-dimensional  expertise can make Bangladesh different and present a bright future for the next generation.

Dr. M. Shahidul Islam

Member Secretary, BACSAF