Procedure of Registration for Membership

Active member:
Persons having degrees or training in any UK university or institution for at least three months under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme. An annual membership fee will be applicable for each active member; though will be waived for life-members who have paid a one-time special membership fee.

Rights and privileges of the members:
All members shall enjoy the same rights, privileges, obligations and duties in the affairs of the Association and can cast vote in the election of the office bearer of the Association, and participate in all activities of the Association.

Enrollment of membership:
Any person having requisite qualification as mentioned under Article-III willing to enroll as a member of the Association shall have to apply in a prescribed form obtainable from the Association under his/her signature subject to the fulfillment of conditions as specified in Article-III, and payment of a membership fee of Tk. 1000.00 (Taka one thousand only). On receipt of the application, the general secretary shall enlist his/her name in the register of the Association and place it to the Executive Committee for approval. Each active member shall have to pay an annual subscription of Tk. 500.00 (Taka five hundred only). An option of life-membership will be available with a one-time payment of the life-membership fee of Tk. 5,000.00 (Taka five thousand only) along with the membership fee.

Termination of membership:
Membership shall terminate on:
i) Demise;
ii) Resignation;
iii) Termination, upon failure to pay the annual subscription fee for any consecutive five years period. However, membership can revive after payment of all subscription dues;
iv) Expulsion: A member will be liable to disciplinary action extending to expulsion on the ground of written valid complaint launched by anybody against his/her acts or deeds prejudicial to the interest of the Association. Executive Committee shall examine the case and take decision by majority of the members, accordingly which shall be placed in the general meeting of the association for final decision.